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Monthly marketing tips – sample

To whet your appetite, here’s one of my monthly marketing tips. Sign up to get a new one in your inbox each month.

Nothing breeds demand like demand itself


There is a US writer called Colleen Szot who has been responsible for some of the most successful campaigns in the direct response television industry. That sector is the habitat of channels such as QVC that sell tat to the TV watching public. They are, thankfully, far more popular in the US than in Britain.

Whatever your views on the industry, the estimable Ms Szot is an expert in selling through this medium and recently changed a few words at the end of an ‘infomercial’ that went on to shatter selling records. What did she do?

The change was a simple one:

‘Operators are waiting, please call now’

Was changed to:

‘If operators are busy, please call again’

The result was a huge increase in sales, yet on the face of it, this doesn’t make sense. The revised version suggests to viewers they may spend time repeatedly redialling just to get an engaged tone.

However, what this change did was say that operators were frantically coping with huge amounts of calls about the product. As opposed to the old version that brought up images of bored call centre workers filing their nails. It wasn’t a lie – the product in question was very popular and lines often were engaged – but this small change set sales on fire.

The lesson here for any business is that people respond positively to success. If your product or service is selling well then you are more likely to sell it to others.

So, if you’re doing well then shout about it – send out a press release about increased sales, mention your success on social media, or prepare a ‘going, going, nearly gone’ instore promotion if a particular line is selling out quickly.

Just make sure you tell people. When you’re doing well, you want to make sure you do even better.

(Incidentally, I read about Ms Szot in a book called ‘Yes! 50 secrets from the art of persuasion’. I strongly advise you to beg, borrow or steal a copy – it offers some fascinating insights into the psychology of selling.)

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